How Under Armour Is Changing The Game

Under Armour is a brand that has completely transformed the world of athletic apparel and equipment.…

Under Armour is a brand that has completely transformed the world of athletic apparel and equipment. Former football player Kevin Plank founded the brand in 1996, and it has since become a household name, offering products designed to help athletes perform better.

Under Armour's success can be attributed to the company's commitment to science and innovation, which has allowed it to create products that are not only fashionable but also highly functional.

A Brief History

Before we get into the science of Under Armour, let's go over the company's history. Under Armour was established in Washington, D.C. by Kevin Plank, who was fed up with the cotton t-shirts he was forced to wear while playing football. He desired a material that wicked away sweat and kept him cool and dry. He created a prototype for a moisture-wicking compression shirt, which he then marketed to football teams. Under Armour was born as a result of the product's instant success.

The brand's product line has since grown to include everything from running shoes and fitness trackers to backpacks and sunglasses. Under Armour is now a global brand known for its innovative products and dedication to assisting athletes in performing at their peak.

The Science Behind

Under Armour's success can be attributed to the company's commitment to science and innovation. The brand invests heavily in R&D, collaborating with experts in sports science, biomechanics, and engineering to create products that are tailored to the needs of athletes. Here are a few examples of how their scientific approach to sports apparel and equipment is changing the game.

Under Armour

Materials Science

To improve the performance of its products, Under Armour is constantly researching new materials and technologies. Their running shoes, for example, use the UA HOVRTM technology. This technology employs a foam designed to provide energy return and cushioning, thereby reducing the impact on joints while running. The brand also employs moisture-wicking fabrics, which are intended to keep athletes cool and dry even during strenuous workouts.

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Fit and Comfort

Under Armour clothing is made to fit and feel like a second skin. Compression technology is used in many of the brand's products, which helps to support the muscles and reduce fatigue. Their compression shirts, for example, are designed to increase blood flow and decrease muscle vibration, which can help improve performance and lower the risk of injury.

Innovation in Footwear

When it comes to footwear, Under Armour is also changing the game. Running shoes, basketball shoes, and training shoes from the brand all feature innovative technologies that are intended to improve performance. The previously mentioned UA HOVRTM technology is used in many of Under Armour's running shoes. Basketball shoes from the brand feature Charged Cushioning® technology, which provides a responsive feel and superior impact protection. The Micro G® foam in Under Armour's training shoes is designed to provide cushioning and support during weightlifting and other types of training.

under armour

Partnering with Athletes

Under Armour's dedication to science and innovation is fueled in part by its collaborations with athletes. The brand collaborates closely with athletes to understand their needs and create products that are specific to their sport and position. Under Armour has collaborations with some of sports' biggest names, including Steph Curry, Tom Brady, and Michael Phelps. These athletes provide feedback and insights that assist Under Armour in developing products that are not only functional but also fashionable and on-trend.

Under Armour Products for Performance

Under Armour provides a wide range of products designed to help athletes perform at their peak. Here are a few of the brand's most popular items:

UA HOVRTM Phantom/ Sonic Running Shoes - These running shoes feature the previously mentioned UA HOVRTM technology, which provides energy return and cushioning. They are also lightweight and have a breathable upper to keep your feet cool and comfortable during long runs.

HeatGear® Compression Shirts - These shirts are designed to improve performance and reduce muscle vibration by increasing blood flow and decreasing muscle vibration. They are made of moisture-wicking fabric, which helps athletes stay cool and dry.

T-Shirts UA TechTM 2.0 - These t-shirts are made of a soft, comfortable fabric that wicks sweat and dries quickly. They are ideal for working out or wearing casually.

UA TechTM Mesh Shorts - Made of a breathable mesh fabric, these shorts keep athletes cool during intense workouts. For added comfort, they have an elastic waistband and a loose fit.

UA Storm Hustle 3.0 Backpack - This backpack is both fashionable and functional. It has a water-resistant finish to keep your gear safe from the elements, as well as a laptop sleeve and multiple storage pockets.


Under Armour is a company dedicated to helping athletes perform at their peak. The brand's dedication to science and innovation has resulted in products that are not only fashionable but also highly functional. Under Armour's products, which range from running shoes to compression shirts, are designed to help athletes and improve their performance. We can expect even more game-changing products from Under Armour in the future as the brand continues to explore new materials and technologies.

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May 29, 2023
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