Gear Up For Softboarding Fun!

Softboarding is an emerging sport that combines the best of surfing and skateboarding for a thrilling…

Softboarding is an emerging sport that combines the best of surfing and skateboarding for a thrilling experience on the waves. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, it is important to understand the basics before hitting the beach.

Types of Softboards

Softboards typically come as either foam or inflatable boards. Foam boards are lightweight and affordable, making them ideal for newbies who want an easier time getting up onto their feet.

Meanwhile, inflatable boards offer slightly better stability while still remaining lightweight and easy to transport. They’re also incredibly durable so they’ll last through plenty of beach days spent having fun in the sun.

Professional surfers may prefer an epoxy board that is more rigid than its foam or inflatable counterparts.

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Choosing the Right Softboard

When selecting a softboard, it is important to consider your level of experience as well as your body size and strength. If you’re just starting out with surfing or if you are not particularly strong or tall then a shorter board that is softer and easier to maneuver will be more suitable than a longer board with harder materials that provide more stability but require more energy to control.

Choosing one that has enough volume is important to ensure stability while riding. Fins are important for maneuverability; depending on the type of wave you’ll be riding, twin fin or quad fin boards may be more suitable.


Tips for Safe and Fun Softboarding

Softboarding is a fun, safe, and accessible way to enjoy the waves. It's an ideal sport for all ages, from children to adults.

After getting the right board for your size and skill level, make sure to purchase safety gear such as a wetsuit or rash guard along with a helmet if needed—these will keep you warm as well as protect you from any potential hazards in the water. Don't forget sunscreen too!

When entering the surf zone, be aware of other riders around you. Some waves can be very heavy, so try to avoid the impact zone of other riders. Also, be cautious when paddling out through heavy surf.

They are very easy to ride, and you can learn by just watching others. If you're interested in softboard surfing, look for a local surf school or outfitter who offers lessons.

Some people learn best from an instructor, while others prefer to read a book or watch a video. Whatever your learning style is, you should be able to find the information you need to get started.


Soft boarding is a great activity for people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. Whether it’s done solo or as part of a group, it surely will bring out the fun. You can enjoy carving waves, riding down hills, or simply floating around with friends and family.

They can also be used in place of a traditional surfboard or skateboard if the terrain isn't suitable. Softboarding has become a popular way for people of all ages to enjoy the watersports of surfing without having to invest in expensive equipment.

For those looking for an adventure on the waves, softboards provide a great way to get started with surfing without spending too much money. The light construction makes it easy to carry the board down to the beach and into shallow water where waves aren’t as powerful as they might be further out in deeper water.

Plus, due to their low weight, they’re easy enough for anyone to maneuver while riding the wave!

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February 22, 2023
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