oodlz token

We are looking to create the OODLZ token as an adaptive utility and rewards token (OODL) as an added reward to any cashback users receive from their spend. 


We are working with tokenomic professionals to ensure we get this right!
The oodlz token needs to benefit users on launch and for the applications entire lifecycle.
The below may change between now and the private sale offering. 
Token distribution
Total supply
Advisors & Investors - 4%
Private Sale - 5%
Public Sale - 5%
Liquidity (DEX/CEX) - 10%
Future Dev - 10%
Marketing & Partnerships - 20%
Team - 20%
Treasury - 10%
Community - 20%
Airdrop - 3%
ICO fund allocation
Development - 10%
Marketing / Customer Acquisition - 10%
Liquidity (CED/DEX) - 10%
Team (18m runway) - 50%
5% Holders
2.5% of every buy and 2.5% of every sell is taken and redistributed to all OODLz holders in OODLZ App.
5% Marketing
2.5% of every buy and 2.5% of every sell is taken and sent to a marketing wallet.
Spend allocation is public.
2% Liquidity
2% of every transaction is transferred into liquidity for the DEX which helps raise the price floor for stability.

Road map

Clear road map for clear success.
We hit our goals!
Complete NewChip accelerator
ENACTON cashback partnership
SOTATEK blockchain partnership
Start cashback app development
LowFi UI/UX app designs
Q4 2021
Secure advisors & investors
Draft ICO legal documents
Create social media presence
Launch website
Draft blockchain architecture
Finalize UI/UX app design
Q1 2022
Select ICO launchpads
Market ICO
Launch cashback desktop (Beta)
Launch cashback apps & ext's (Beta)
Private & public token pre-sale
Secure oodlz Invest partnership
Secure oodlz Loan partnership
Token launch (DEX/CEX tbc)
Q2 2022
Secure security audits
List on CEX's
Launch oodlz savings
Launch oodlz reward token in app
Q3 2022

Our partners.. so far

We chose SOTATEK to develop the blockchain components of our application.
SOTATEK specialize in only blockchain technology and highly recommended from others founders.
ENACTON provide the cashback component of our application.
We selected ENACTON as they specialize in cashback allowing us to integrate with any network, using multiple currencies for sale, reward and withdrawal.
CHAIRS.IN.SPACE are our first investors, made up of the co-founders.
We hope you will join us on the ride.

The team

Our team has been working together for over 20 years and has grown multiple $mil businesses in the real-estate marketplace industry. We have always operated globally, 24 hrs a day, 5 days a week.
Ian OODLZ Profile.
Ian Porter
James OODLZ Profile.
James Matthews
Kate OODLZ Profile.
Kate Ibrahim
Lionel OODLZ Profile.
Lionel Abanilla
Social Support
Cristalle OODLZ Profile.
Cristalle Barrientos
Social Support
Blank OODLZ profile.
We Are Hiring!
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